Seasonal Themed Show

Halloween Magic is perfect for the month of October and for fall festivals.  Halloween Magic incoporates Halloween music, decorations, Halloween themed routines, audience participation, comedy and a trick or treat safety message.  We get to see a  pumplin float, make candy appear, and see a child suspended in mid air.  Halloween Magic is loads of fun and is gauranteed to make your fall event the hit of the year!


Holiday Magic takes the fun of magic and combines it with the magic of the Holidays.  Holiday magic is great for Company Holiday parties, community holiday events and just about any event during the month of December.  Holiday themed routines, music and decorations add to the embiance of  this fun filled, highly entertaining and engaging program.  As with all of the programs Holiday Magic also incoporates a lot comedy and audience participation, making it a must for your Holidy Event.

Both of thses shows have been entertaining audiences for years.  Many having Zelnik return year after year!
To make you Holiday event as fun and memorable as it can be
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