The children have worked hard all season!  Give them the reward of a highly engaging, fun filled, action packed magic show at your Upward Celebraton presented by Charlotte Christian Magicain, Zelnik the Magician.  

For 45 minutes everyone, including the adults, will be riveted to their seats as they are mystified and entertained. Watch as volunteers from the audience help with the magic and while everyone will laugh and have fun throughout the program.   The program is concluded with an uplifting, magical gospel message that will have everyone thoroughly engaged.  This program can be presented to larger and smaller audiences.

    "What I liked most was the way you related to our children and the way the adults             enjoyed watching our children.  Wholesome family entertainment."  
                                                        Pastor John Futterer; First Lutheran Church

To ensure your Upward Celebration its the most fun filled, memorable 
and uplifting event that it can be
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