Family Events

Family events can be anything from birthday parites to family reunions, company picnics to Blue and Gold Banquests to town festivals.  Any time that adults and children are both present.
 I specialize in presenting magic that has a wide range of appeal so whether you are 5, 55 or 105 the magic is entertaining.


"Zelnik the Magician held the attention of every member of our audience be they young or gracefully aged.   Some of our guest were children with special needs and normally challenged to concentrate and listen, but with Zelnik's expert showmanship and attention to as many individual audinece members as possible hos show fascinates until the very last illusion is performed.  Our family would highly recommend Zelnik to anyone who is looking for quality entertainment at most any gathering."

  Carol Fink; Bubel / Aiken Foundation


    "Zelnik the Magician is a great choice for any gathering.  he is very entertaining and works well with chidren and adults."          
Robin Medlock            

"Zelnik provided a wonderful and entertianing show for the adults as well as the children!"       
Chris & Bee Mintz