Birthday Magic

Make your child's birthday a memory that will last a life time with Charlotte's favorite birthday Magician.  Your child will take center stage as he or she gets to help with the magic!  Kids love magic and a magical birthday is just what will make it special.  Everyone attending the party, children and adults, will love the show.  This may be the best Charlotte birthday party ever.



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Deluxe Package:
What do children love?  Stories, laughter, and being involved.  The deluxe package is a 30-45 minutes of story telling, comedy and audience participation.  The Birthday Child gets his or her own magic kit, the birthday child has his or her picture taken with Zelnik and has it turned into a special poster and to conclude the show Zelnik will suspend the birthday child in mid air.  Sit back and relax while the children get to help Zelnik make the magic happen.  The whole group gets involved and the fun doesn't end until the show is over.

"For the second year in a row, Zelnik performed at my son's birthday party.  He provided great performances, including music and lots of participation from my son and his guests!"
                                                - Mariane Williamson

"We had a great time.  The kids still talk about you.  Will recommend you easily."
                                                   - Chris Carlsten

 "What stands out most for us was getting to the level of the child."
                                                       - Susan Traynor

Basic Package:
The same 30-45 minute show without the extras.  Just stories, comedy and magic.

 Goody bags (Can be added to either package):
 Let everyone take home a little magic.  Included in the goody bag is a magic wand, instructions for seven magic tricks for the magic wand, coin slide (to make a quarter or nickel disappear), a card trick, , and a fortune telling fish.

To get the most fun filled and memorable Charlotte birthday party for your child
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