Blue and Gold Entertainment
“Zelnik the Magician was the perfect entertainer for our event.  He kept a very large group of children entertained and glued to their seats for over 45 minutes.  A real miracle!”
– Rita Wilson; Pack 19
“Very much worth the money spent.  You will definitely enjoy the show and come away satisfied.”
– Randy Hight; Pack 18
“There was something for everyone, including the adults.”
-Julie Hutt; Pack 15
“There is a program I would highly recommend for your group.  He is very professional and is fantastic.  The kids who watch the program can tell he loves what he does.”
– Kristine McGuire; Pack 413

Blue and Gold Entertainment

Scouting and magic just seem to go together.  One of Zelnik the Magician’s specialties is the family audience.  Blue and Gold Banquets are an ideal family event.  We celebrate scouting, and the scouts achievements and having a magic show filled with comedy, and scout participation is a great way to make the evening that much more special.  Your scouts, scout parents and siblings will be laughing, they will be amazed, nNear the end of the show one of the scouts even gets suspended in mid air. This is a show that every Blue and Gold Banquet should have.


This is a fun filled show packed with comedy, scout participation, music and of course magic.  Everyone will have a great time and will be a banquet that will be remembered for a long time.  Generally the show lasts about 45 minutes but can be altered to meet time constraints.

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